Are you looking for a fully functional demo of
StandardPOS before you make the decision? 


Download and Installation instructions:

1. Click the above button, and in the dialog that appears choose "Save".
2. Choose your download location in the save file dialog.
3. Double click the file that has been saved, in order to start the program's installation.

In 5 minutes or less you will have a fully functioning point of sale system with sample inventory that you can try without any long setups.

Note: 'StandardPOS' uses Microsoft Windows Installer technology to manage installation and removal in a safer and more reliable way.

StandardPOS Reseller Program

Is your organization experienced in the field of point of sale and/or computer related services?

Are you interesed in participating in our rapidly growing market share of the point of sale industry?

If you are, please contact us at

Quality Software is currently accepting new dealer applications in various geographic regions to resell StandardPOS.

As a start, you can download our Product Information Brochure by clicking here:



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