Why Automate?

More and more, computerizing your store has become a competitive necessity. Research shows that successful businesses have systems in place to insure control and ultimately, profitability.

The number one job in retail, of course, is serving the customer. A point of sale system is a tool which makes that job faster, easier and more profitable.

Three areas where immediate benefits can be seen are:

- Increased margins due to better inventory management and reduced shrinkage.

- Increased sales due to prompted suggestion selling, staff performance tracking and targeted marketing.

- Speed and accuracy in the chores surrounding reports, invoicing, purchase orders and inventory control.

Point-of-Sale Made Easier:

StandardPOS is almost intuitively easy to learn and use.

Easy-to-use dialogs lead the cashier through each step of the sale. Items may be selected from the screen, and pricing may be automatic or manually entered. Orders may be closed out to cash, credit card, check, or charged to an account. And in seconds the system produces a detailed invoice to any standard or Pos receipt printer.

As each transaction is completed, the inventory automatically changes, the customer's history is updated and sales figures are adjusted accordingly.

Record Control in Record Time:

StandardPOS provides all the reports you need to stay in control of your business - and to improve it.
You spend less time doing bookkeeping functions and more time servicing your customers. You will run a more profitable, better managed store.

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